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Rex will answer any serious question you may have about maintaining your HVAC system to help you prolong the life of your equipment.

If you have a question about your HVAC systems, so likely does someone else. If you ask, others can bennifit from your querry as well, as I will post both your question and my answer here.  Check our FAQ page for more detailed answers.

How often should I change my filter?

With 1" filters once a month is standard.

Why does my heater smell funny.

If you smell anything other than fresh air, you should turn off your unit and call an expert.

How long will a new furnace last?

With proper maintenance the average is about 15 years.

What is the proper way to fire up my furnace?

Modern furnaces have automatic starters, if your furnace is not starting, call a professional.

If my heater quits will it cause my water pipes to freeze?

it is a possibility, so if your heater quits you should have it repaired quickly.

How is a swamp cooler winterized?

Remove all the water turn the water off to the unit. Let the pipe drain and cover the unit with a winterised covering to protect it from the elements.

Is the insulation on the copper pipes for my AC critical?

The insulation is to stop condensation from forming. Therefore, in a place where you don't want water dripping such as indoors, they should be continuously insulated.

How do I effortlessly raise the humidity in my home?

Ask your AC and heating contractor to install a humidification system to your heating or air conditioning with automation and monitoring of the air.

Do I need to winterize my air conditioning unit.?

Not generally.

What AC unit brand do you recommend? And Why?

Trane. Trane sets a level of reliability that others don’t even aspire to.

What are the warning signs that my Air Conditioning or Furnace system is failing?

High power bills, strange smells, strange noises.

Doesn’t a dirty air filter work better than a clean one?

No. Reduced air flow reduces the amount of air that is cleaned.

My AC unit outside has a fan in the center, so the outer edges are not important, right?

Wrong, the condensor fan forces air through the thin fins along the sides of the unit, these need to remain clean and clear of debris.

Can I power-wash my coils?

Never. The coils are easily damaged, unless you have a TRANE unit with spine fin coils.

Do I need to have my ducting cleaned?

Possibly. It depends on how dirty they are.

Why should I use a programable thermostat?

Comfort consistancy and power savings

My swap cooler has salt buildup, how do I fix it?

Adding white vinegar to the resivouir will help break down the salt. Drain resivouir often in salty conditions.

Do I need to have my unit checked yearly?

No, but, doing so can prevent permanent damage and can extend the life of your unit by years.

Can I cover my floor vents?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

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